Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[snippets]: HP DL380 Gen9 "Smart" Storage Array Setup Howto In 29 Easy Steps

  1. Power on the server
  2. Wait 2 to 3 weeks until POST system checks complete and system complains about uninitialized SSA array. 
  3. Go through a maze of menus, all alike, until you finally find the well hidden embedded Smart Storage Administration tool. 
  4. Boot into the SSA tool. 
  5. Wait hopelessly as a counter counts to infinity while "trying to collect system configuration information". 
  6. Read the SSA manuals and release notes
  7. Find no relevant information
  8. Google for the SSA error messages on the counter-to-infinity screen. 
  9. Find nothing. 
  10. Google for the offline version of the SSA tool, download ISO, burn it to CD. 
  11. Reboot the server
  12. Wait another 2 to 3 weeks until POST system checks complete
  13. Bypass complaints about uninitialized SSA array. 
  14. Try to boot from the CD. 
  15. Fail because the CD doesn't support EFI boot. 
  16. Switch to BIOS boot method
  17. Step 15 requires a reboot. Wait 2 to 3 weeks more. 
  18. Boot from the CD into the offline version of SSA. 
  19. Google again for a newer version of SSA because the one you downloaded is 15 years old. 
  20. Burn newer version to CD. 
  21. Reboot using the updated version of SSA. Wait 2 to 3 weeks. 
  22. This one "works", in contrast with the embedded one. 
  23. Get a full array report to check drive status for any errors. 
  24. Pay attention to the naming of controller flag entries in the report output. There are "Controller Flags", "Extended Controller Flags", "More Controller Flags" and "Even More Controller Flags". 
  25. Configure the array, assign physical drives, and select the "rapid" initialization mode. 
  26. While waiting for the "rapid" initialization mode to complete, make children, grow them up, ensure they go to university. 
  27. Around the time of their post-graduation ceremony, "rapid" initialization of array is finished. 
  28. Did I tell you that array is not available to the OS before "rapid" initialization mode completes? 
  29. To Be Continued.
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